The food crisis in Africa has been a global issue for over 30 years. From drought to starvation, the problems within these countries in Africa are some of the most tragic situations that the world is facing. Yet, the issues in Africa are not at the forefront of news outlets or on the minds of most people on a daily basis. There are ways to help fight the famine in Africa and bring awareness to problems not directly in front of you.


The Situation

In 2016 alone, 4.9 million people of which accounts for over 40% of South Sudan’s population, were still in need of urgent food and assistance of nutrition and agriculture. Now in 2017, the country is still facing famine caused by war and drought. 30% of the country is facing malnutrition of families as well. Sudan is not the only African country facing hard times. Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia are some of the others that are in dire need of food.


This year, the United Nations officially declared a famine in South Sudan and announced its fear that it could spread fast without a drastic intervention.


These statistics can be shocking but it is even more jarring to imagine you or your own family in the situation that these people are facing. It also beckons the question of what you can do to help others who are not directly in front of your own eyes.


The Solutions

There are resources for you to do your part in helping this extreme famine. International organizations are gearing up to do their part in contributing support to this horrific situation.

  1. Donate

There are various organizations online and across the globe that directly accept donations to send aid to the civilians living in South Sudan who are being affected by this crisis. Your donations go to those living in Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia to provide humanitarian support that ranges from urgent food supplies to farming resources that are directed towards helping rebuild the community and livelihoods of the African people.


  1.   Awareness

The crisis in Africa can not be solved alone, it will take a mass of people to educate themselves on the issue. Social media is an amazing tool to help in getting other engaged with this issue. Whether you tweet an article or post an image, the famine in Africa should not be out of mind from people across the globe.