Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett may be considered as one of the top Philanthropists in the world. Throughout Buffet’s lifetime he has always be one too help out the less fortunate. One of Buffett’s main ideas was creating the Giving Pledge. The giving pledge is a promise made by some of most wealthy people in world will donate half their earnings throughout their lifetime. Since he created this in 2010, it has enjoyed incredible success.

Bill Gates:

Gates is the Co-founder of Microsoft, the largest Computer Software company in the World. He too, was part of creating the Giving Pledge that has encountered so much success over the years. Gates has donated over 30 billion dollars over to charity over his lifetime, talk about generous. Right ? Bill and his wife started a foundation back in 2000, known as the BIll and Melinda Foundation. Since launching this foundation, they have had much success. The goal for this foundation is to improve healthcare and extreme poverty in America.

Mark Zuckerberg:

Zuckerberg has been a major figure in philanthropic world for quite some time. After launching facebook back in 2007, the young entrepreneur has enjoyed incredible amount of success. Recently, Zuckerberg said was going to donate 99% of his shares to charity, which is worth an astounding 45 billion. How generous is that?

Michael Bloomberg:

Former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has also done his part in contributing to society. He has currently donated 3 billion dollars and has a net worth at around $37.7 billion. Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of both Bloomberg Media Company and Bloomberg Foundation. The Bloomberg foundations aims to focus on five areas, which include the environment, public health, the arts, government innovation and education. This foundation has been successful over the years and has done an amazing job giving back to society. Bloomberg has also donated billions of dollars to his alma mater, John Hopkins University. Since he has been so committed to helping John Hopkins University they decided to rename one of the schools to Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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