Why should you give back? You may ask, “What’s in it for me?” The act of charity has always been regarded as the key to positivity and kindness that strengthens any community. Philanthropies within communities are the core of establishing and maintaining charitable acts in society. The many benefits of charitable giving range from not only personal growth but the contribution to greater societal kindness.


  1. How Does it Benefit the Donor?


Those who donate to charity are actually stimulated by the pleasure receptors in the brain, according to research conducted by the National Institues of Health2. The experiment displayed results that proved the notion that donating money can simply make you, as a person, feel better. This simple exercise of the brain and personal character is a process that any person can benefit from.


The act of giving specifically elicits a boost of dopamine and endorphins to the brain which are translated through the human experience as “rewarding.” These natural responses give the body a better feeling of “good” than a quick-fix of temporary pleasure. Another study that supports this idea was conducted by a University of Oregon professor who believes that the personal joy of increasing public good has a positive neurological impact.


  1. Why is it Important to Society?

Whether you are giving back to your community through time or money, it contributes to the overall idea of the societal contribution of good. It is dire that the general public understands that without constant support and contribution to charities, they risk losing their public trust and support that they give to a given community. Charities act as an additional safety net for individuals within a community who fall through the cracks of government initiates and general low-income situations. Certain charities also can provide support for medicine, food, and education. Most of the time these organizations have their pulse on the needs of the people and environment that they are located in.


  1. Why Does Your Donation or Time Count?

Not only does becoming a charitable individual make you feel better and improve your character, it also directly aids in providing resources for those who are disadvantaged. From the benefits of personal growth to contribute to the general good of a community and society, there is no reason to hold back from creating a relationship with a philanthropy.