Choosing a charity to donate to can be a difficult process. There are certain organizations the seem charitable but can be a bit misleading with your donations. When donating, it is key to be an intelligent donor. Educate yourself completely on an organization to find out what they are completely about and what they do with your donations. It is also important to give to organizations that you are passionate about or ones that have your support. Here are some tips to analyze a charitable organization before giving your donation.


The Search

Many people already have an inclination of what type of charity they are going to give to. Whether it is for natural disaster relief of to animal organizations, know how effective your money can be a cause when giving to an organization. There are many of online platforms that can be a resource in your search for the right charity. Philanthropedia is a wonderful site that has a breakdown of various organizations and what they do. Educate yourself before blindly giving to a philanthropic organization, nonprofit, or charity.


The Questions

Sometimes talking to a representative of the organization can help in your decision-making process. Yes, their goal may be to get as many donations as possible but they are fully informed of the in’s and out’s of their organization. They are trained to know the impact of the organization on a local and full scale. Even requesting program data from the charity can give you further insight into how they measure their success to how they are strategizing for the future. Not every charity is perfect for efficiency but it is important to know what they are doing on a larger scale to improve.

In essence, sometimes donating to a charity is more than believing in their cause, it is also believing in their future and their business model. A portion of their proceeds could be going to something else other than what cause they stand for. A blind donation without knowing where your money is going to is not a good practice of giving. Always learn extensively about an organization and their cause before giving. It benefits not only you but the relationship between you and the charity.