With all the devastation that the southern part of the United States was hit with, it feels like a natural inherent reflex to give to those in need. Hurricane Irma, Maria, Harvey caused billions of dollars of destruction in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. There are so many different ways to donate and help those in need. Where your donation is monetary or physical such as clothes or food, here is a breakdown of the various ways to help those affected by these 2017 powerhouse storms.



There is always a benefit to supporting local organization’s efforts to hurricane relief. Not only are you supporting local philanthropy, you are also helping those who are experiencing the worst moments of their life. It may be as simple as adding an extra dollar to your total at the checkout of a grocery store. If you are looking to donate locally, but online, GoFundMe has a great way to find local charities online. Also, for example, donating directly to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is a way to directly give to the hurt area. Even the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, created a Florida Disaster Fund, to directly to specific communities hurt the most



Donating online is great for those who want to help but are in a time crunch. It is a lot to stop and volunteer or to remember to bring your non-perishable food to your local organization after work. A quick donation online goes a long way and is easy as entering your credit card information. Charity Watchdog is a great resource to help find a charity that works for you.


National Charities

If you are more comfortable with giving to a large national charity, such as the American Red Cross, that is completely viable avenue to donate as well. The American Red Cross and natural disaster relief efforts go hand in hand. Many get fearful of donating to individuals or organizations that are fraudulent. This can come in the form of spam-like emails or even on social media. Always make sure your donations are to legitimate causes.