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How to Make Sure Your Charity Donation is Actually Being Used

For most people, giving to a charity is viewed as a positive act of kindness. By giving to charities, anyone can help people or causes in need, and can hopefully make the world a better place to live for everyone. That being said, there are those in the charity business that would take advantage of […]


How to Pick the Right Charity

Choosing a charity to donate to can be a difficult process. There are certain organizations the seem charitable but can be a bit misleading with your donations. When donating, it is key to be an intelligent donor. Educate yourself completely on an organization to find out what they are completely about and what they do […]


How to Donate to Hurricane Relief

With all the devastation that the southern part of the United States was hit with, it feels like a natural inherent reflex to give to those in need. Hurricane Irma, Maria, Harvey caused billions of dollars of destruction in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. There are so many different ways to donate and help those […]

Ways to Bring Awareness to the African Food Crisis

The food crisis in Africa has been a global issue for over 30 years. From drought to starvation, the problems within these countries in Africa are some of the most tragic situations that the world is facing. Yet, the issues in Africa are not at the forefront of news outlets or on the minds of […]


The Benefits of Charitable Giving

Why should you give back? You may ask, “What’s in it for me?” The act of charity has always been regarded as the key to positivity and kindness that strengthens any community. Philanthropies within communities are the core of establishing and maintaining charitable acts in society. The many benefits of charitable giving range from not […]

U.N. Rights Expert, on Visit to Philippines, Denounces ‘War on Drugs’ Approach

MANILA — Implicitly rebuking the leader of the Philippines on a visit to his country, the United Nations’ top expert on extrajudicial killings said on Friday that governments around the world had rejected the “war on drugs” approach being championed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

NY Times Article – Rosa Parks’ House

Ray McGrath, SFFD captain and longtime volunteer, dies – By Sam Whiting Published 9:37 pm, Friday, April 28, 2017 Ray McGrath, a retired San Francisco Fire Department captain who stayed on as a toy drive volunteer and morale booster, sometimes walking from station to station throughout the city, has died at 95. Mr. McGrath died Tuesday of injuries suffered in a fall at home while on his way to Mass last Sunday. His […]

Sir Richard Branson on Climate Change Regardless of our political views, I think we can all agree that it is in humanity’s best interest to take care of the planet and ensure it is in a better place for the next generation. Sir Richard Branson provides some interesting perspective.

Everyday Heroes In reading this article, I’m reminded of the power that we all have to make a difference in someone’s life. If we all tried a littler harder and made an incremental impact on one more person then just imagine the collateral beauty that can come out from such an effort at a grand scale. […]

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