Alexander Lakhanpal is a Senior Manager in Banking and Securities at Deloitte, with over a decade’s worth of experience working with top firms in the field. Originally hailing from Sweden, Alex Lakhanpal always knew he would end up on Wall Street, it was just a matter of when. From an early age Alex had a fascination with numbers and finance and thrived in competition. After graduating magna cum laude from the prestigious Tulane University in the States, where he had won a full athletic scholarship as a track star, Alex was ready. From there he worked his way up the corporate ladder first in New Orleans, and then in New York. To this day, Alex finds that his job provides a dynamic work environment that is always buzzing with new challenges and a layer of competition that keeps him on his toes. While Alex’s professional life is enriching, he also finds fulfillment through humanitarian and philanthropic work serving others.

The Teachings of his Sister

Though Alex has always understood the importance of philanthropy, he credits his sister for inspiring his own unwavering commitment to various causes over the years. Alex’s sister worked at the United Nations for over twenty years. There she was heavily involved with Unicef, Humanitarian Affairs and the United Nations Development Program. Alex admires the humility, courage and persistence that his sister showed throughout her time working to improve women’s rights in Afghanistan, Kongo, and Cambodia, and working tirelessly to improve the lives of children globally . Stories that his sister, Yasmine shared always put things into perspective for Alex and motivated him to find ways to help others.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC and Good Shepherd Services

For the past decade, Alexander Lakhanpal has had the privilege of serving the greater community in various capacities. He provides guidance and mentorship to teens through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program and through Good Shepherd Services as well. Since its founding in 1904, the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters has remained widely intact. The group’s objective has always been to entrust all children who face adversity with the chance to experience a strong, professionally supported one on one mentoring relationship with adults that can positively impact their lives. Alex sees the value in this organization, and has found his time spent as a big brother to be extremely rewarding. At Good Shepherd Services, Alex has had the chance to work towards his personal cause of empowering youth as a mentor.


Alex also dedicates his time to mentoring young business professionals as part of the ASCEND program. Established in 2005, the Ascend Foundation has grown to be the largest non-profit organization for Pan-Asian business professionals in North America. ASCEND’s core mission is to advocate for, enable and assist Pan-Asians in North America to become leaders of today and the future.

New York Cares

As the city’s largest volunteer management organization, New York Cares is involved in numerous volunteer programs, and it is through New York Cares that Alex finds time to distribute food and clothing to fellow New Yorkers in need.

Abraham House

Since 2014, Alex has served on the Board of Directors of Abraham House while acting as the organization’s Audit Committee Chair. Although Alexander Lakhanpal loves spending time directly interacting with the people he’s serving, he does feel that his skills in the financial sector have been put to good use as the Audit Committee Chair at Abraham House.Abraham House is a small organization that offers an exhaustive list of services to adults and children directly impacted by incarceration, poverty, violence truancy and other factors that may leave a family in a constant state of crisis. Abraham House has chosen to remain small so that it can better mimic the support structure of a family as opposed to that of an institution. Alex looks forward to his continued work with this cause.

Other Causes

While Alexander Lakhanpal consistently devotes his time to causes he believes in within the immediate community of New York, he also makes a point to keep up with humanitarian needs all over the world. He hopes to use this platform as a means of sharing information with others about international causes – particularly those that tend to be under-reported in the media.